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The Pleasantries of Poetry

What is it about poetry that inspires us to greater heights of thought, finally forming the long lost thought that we are truely spiritual beings beyond our flesh and bones?

I find the cadences from which the way  words flow and wind around us is a great indication of our strength in the Soul and the Mind, that we truly in fact do project our “essence” into the world to make it a more satisfying and bearable place when sometimes our  human shell can only comprehend and understand so much.

I remember back when I was quite young learning about poetry for the first time in elementary school, but mostly about the rhyming variety. And for some unknown (but most likely silly) reason, I vowed from that day forward that I HATED poetry and would never write any, only stories. Now, fast forwarding to QUITE a few years later, poetry is my main form of written expression and I only write fiction occasionally. I think that back then I had some sort of subconscious whisper from my future self that I was going to rebel in such an unconventional, beautiful, and profound way through free verse poetry after being such a quiet and almost painfully shy little girl; I WAS going to come out of the other side stronger and wiser.

Now all the poets of the world: BE PROUD!  Poetry is one of THE HARDEST forms of writing to write. KNOW you have sent your words from the ink on your page into the air to change our world just as some other poets have done before you; They are proud of you and your courage to open up in such a way to the world.

And not to forget the readers of poetry: By just re-reading the works of  other poets, your thoughtful views on their precious work makes it take on new colors and textures which we need in such a vast world which makes it that much more beautiful; don’t EVER discount that!

And to bring a thoughtful end to this post: What are your thoughts about poetry? Do you have any favorite poets?  Do even write your own poetry or are you just a devoted reader of it? Let me know in the comment section!