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Weekly Photo Challenge: “Escape”

escape |iˈskāp|

• a means of escaping from somewhere 

• a form of temporary distraction from reality or routine 

I already basically live in what a majority call “paradise”, but it does help to get away sometimes…to stretch my legs, my mind; a great time for gathering some new inspiration! 





Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

detail |diˈtāl; ˈdētāl|


an individual feature, fact, or item 


I find that this photo has stand-out details: the veins that spread upon the leaf it is a vivid comparison to our own body, us carrying blood-filled channels as well as our smooth, resilient  skin, a mask of our humanity with the light of our soul somehow shining through.

Daily Prompt: First Light

Daily Prompt: First Light

“Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.”

“Absorb…stretch…react.” They followed each other. I know that you were only supposed to write the FIRST thought that came to mind after rebounding from the stillness of sleep, but they would not be broken. So here there they are…strung together, pearls of action with little space in between.

To Absorb…the energy of the day and the breaths that are gratefully taken.

To Strech…back into reality’s skin from the grips of unknown dreams.

To React…I calm the storm in my stomach with water, then coffee.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

beyond |bēˈänd; biˈyänd|

• [ prep. ] outside the physical limits or range of 

The only thing special in this photo is the sky, the cotton candy-ish cast that is given off before the impending sunset…we have ALOT of amazing winter sunsets where I live so I can imagine what the country-side looked like around this time!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

illumination |iˌloōməˈnā sh ən| noun

lighting or light 

A 20-something degree or lower chill is what made the frost’s arms reach, curl, tuck across the leaf’s body, mostly in the dark of the previous night as if they were two lovers finally in a long awaited embrace. It is proven in the shadows of daylight that they can still shine.