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Adventures in Acrylics

“An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.” ~Charles Horton Cooley

It all started with a cookie sheet, water, and some sticky, bright paint and my adventure began!

At first when it came to painting if I didn’t have the “right” supplies or knowledge to pull off the exact effect I wanted to create, I didn’t bother with it. I guess in a way I thought it was sacrilege to not use the traditional tools of the trade; if I didn’t have the “right” tools it wouldn’t turn out, be it abstract or other wise. My creative spirit had slid into an deep dark cave, cowering with it’s mouth sewn tightly shut, which was unusual because I am one to go against the creative grain if the opportunity presents itself.

Finally, I was tired of fighting myself. Even though I find it was and still is major stepping stone of my budding artistic integrity, it was time to push myself off the cliff and into the unknown.

I rustled up my “work clothes”, an old, ripped denim-colored dress shirt with the long sleeves cut off that used to be my father’s  and a pair of neglected sweatpants. A spray bottle of water, paints, brushes and other unique painting instruments crowded the cookie sheet I held. I took a deep breath to clear my lungs and mind, and sat down to work on my newspapered studio floor with discomfort.

Needless to say the first few ideas were nothing great and seeing them in paint irritated me. Nothing unique, just blobs of paint in need of a miracle. With a scowl, I had had enough. It was quitting time and I went about cleaning up.

“Spritz Bottle….spray water on cookie sheet and paint, then press paper on top to get the image onto the paper.”  The thought bubbled up unexpectedly. I knew then I was onto something: it was worth trying, anyway.

Water and paint merged together, dampening the page underneath my fingertips. I pressed and rubbed gently, holding my breath as I pulled the edges up for the resulting image.

The red, black, and grey had ran together in an linear fashion, yet it had a pleasing look of abstraction.

Oh yes…this was the start of something BIG!



I went on for a couple more hours and I found the prints were more and more giving off the vibe I had longed for: grungy, smudgy, perfectly imperfect.

Here are the my other three top prints that turned out pretty wicked awesome:




What was the coolest work of art you have created that was totally unexpected? Let me know in the comment section!