About The Artist


I have always known that I would be an artist of many disciplines. From the written to the visual, I crave to be one with it and to see it all. But my three main loves of artistic expression are writing, photography, and graphic design.

The first taste of my heightened writing ability happened when I was about eleven years old. I honestly cannot remember how I stumbled upon it, all I know is that when the glide of the pencil lead made contact with the slight roughness of the paper underneath my hand, it felt right and quickly became one of my favorite activities. I am one of those writers who can easily come up with a good piece of writing in one to two hours time. Not to say doing it is easy per say, it just mostly flows out naturally. I have come to love the sense of purpose and peace that comes with each letter, sentence, and word that tumbles out; also the worlds that I may drown myself in order to explore and discover hidden points of that I may have not known before. Just from this simple fact I am inspired to write everyday, excited of what I might be able to excavate from my inner self as well as outside situations that happen in my daily life.

My excitement for the art of photography came around a little later on. I have always enjoyed it, but it really started to speak to me when I became an intern for the “Journal of the San Juans”. It was then that I really started to let it draw me in, making me inspect the content in the sense of not only taking interest in the visual beauty of the matter that the photograph would portray, but really being able to dig down to its very bones: the voice of the composition, the emotion it might convey, and how the life of it is crafted overall. I find having such a perspective relating to this certain art refreshing and magical of how someone could view the outside world from behind the shutter and lens, capturing that snippet of time for all to see.

I have also come to have a fascination with trying to use visual means to get a verbal message across. The way color, shape, placement and how it can affect the person who is viewing while influencing them to buy a product, to feel a certain emotion, or even make them have a different world view just from a visual statement is indeed satisfying. Then slowly I realized that this would lead me down the road of being inspired by graphic design. This was also a discovery I made recently two years ago. I know that this art combined with my other two artistic indulgences will keep me inspired and enraptured for the rest of my days.


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